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Make-up Products

Youth time Complexion

A Complexion range enriched with rejuvenating active ingredients is available in all skin tones. Pink undertones are for lighter skin and golden undertones for darker skin.

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Youth Time Eyes

A range for Eyes enriched with youth-enhancing active ingredients is available for all seasons and skin tones. Light and dark shades offer adjustable colour intensity to complement the eyes and different...

Discover : Youth Time Eyes

Youth Time Lips

A complete range for Lips enriched with active youth ingredients offers a natural, elegant and glamorous look. Essential shades in cool and warm tones match any outfit.

Discover : Youth Time Lips


A full range for Nails comprises treatment products to protect the nails and colour varnishes for beautiful nails.

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Make-up Brushes

A range of extremely soft and practical Brushes ensure easy and precise application for perfect make-up results.

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Masters Colors, a prestigious make-up line in beauty salons