Masters Colors

An Innovative Concept

Masters Colors has revolutionised make-up in beauty salons, offering products that are simple and easy to use all year round.

Masters Colors has created an innovative concept: ALL SKIN, ALL SEASONS, ALL LIGHTS


Masters Colors offers customised solutions for all skin tones, from lighter hues to darker shades.


For lighter skin tones, Masters Colors recommends pink undertones, and for darker skin, golden undertones.


Skin tones can vary depending on the season. That’s why foundation shades, eye shadow colours and bronzing powders must take sun exposure into account to adapt to skin tones.
Masters Colors’ solution was to create make-up products suited to year-round use, thereby offering consumers the possibility of using one product for all seasons.

Take blush, for example. Masters Colors recommends light shades for autumn and winter and dark shades for spring and summer.

The same goes for eye shadow. Masters Colors recommends light shades for spring and summer and dark shades for autumn and winter.


Masters Colors has revealed the secret to perfect make-up in all types of lighting: choosing the right shades.
For eye shadow, Masters Colors recommends using light shades in daylight (natural light) and dark shades in the evening (artificial lighting).

Masters Colors, a prestigious make-up line in beauty salons